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Copyright 2012, All rights reserved – your PC or Mobile device into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of music and movies. I don’t like the iTunes UI, and I don’t like the assumption that every track is a “song” by an “artist” that can be played at random.
The method of organising and playing seems entirely inappropriate for orchestral works, where one may have many recordings of the same piece by different soloists, orchestras, or conductors.
I cancelled my subscription to music match because it made a complete mess of my indexed, directory structured, and tagged collection of orchestral music.The songs “Heaven”, “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel”, “Found A Job”, “Burning Down The House”, “Making Flippy Floppy”, “Swamp”, “Once In A Lifetime”, “Take Me To The River” and “Crosseyed And Painless” all get added as being from an album titled “Stop Making Sense (Special New Edition) [Live]” (note the lack of a colon, and the addition of parentheses). They are listed in genre “Rock” instead of “Alternative,” and they all have “(live)” on the end of the song titles. Again, these are added automatically as separate songs in my library, and these are the ones added to my playlist.
The song “What A Day That Was” is added from the same differently-titled album, but with “(live edit)” added to the song title.
Where it gets really weird is with the following songs:
“Psycho Killer” gets added from album “CBGB (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]” in genre “Soundtrack.” This version is 4 seconds shorter than the one I own.
“Slippery People” gets added from album “Speaking In Tongues” in genre “Pop.” It’s 1:06 longer, and is the studio version instead of the live version from Stop Making Sense.
“Life During Wartime” and “Girlfriend Is Better” get added from album “The Best of Talking Heads,” and are also studio versions with different lengths.
“This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” gets added from album “Speaking In Tongues (Deluxe Version)” and is also the studio version (and a different length).
I don’t own the soundtrack to CBGB. I don’t own any version of “Speaking in Tongues.” And I don’t own “The Best of Talking Heads.” I haven’t bought those individual songs from iTunes. Why is it giving me these versions of these songs when I don’t own them?
Finally, “Genius Of Love” (performed by Tom Tom Club on Stop Making Sense) gets added to my playlist from the studio album “Tom Tom Club” as recorded by Tom Tom Club, which I happen to own.
Weirder still, if I add one of the songs multiple times, the same wrong version gets added to my playlist and my library multiple times, without warning me that I’m adding duplicate songs to the playlist.
1. In the “Artist” view of my iTunes library, I have one artists songs divided into three artist labels, all which say “Thumpmonks”. I double checked for added spaces. These songs share the same artist, same album artist (which is the same as the artist), and same album name. Again, I double-checked for spacing issues. I rewrote all the information for all these songs but they stay separated in the “Artist” view. The other views (Album, Song, etc.) do not have this problem; the artist is not separated. It is very confusing and almost certainly a bug. I use the Artist view often when listening to my library and would prefer not to have songs from one album all over the place. I should also mention that the albums are grouped correctly on my phone, so it’s just a problem with my computer’s library.
2. On my iPhone 5S, this same artist has three albums with years made listed, even though I deleted all of the year info for this artist on all its albums. The year for each album doesn’t show up in my library, but it still shows up on my phone (I do not want the dates on my phone). Again, I am confused.My children had access to my iPad and started downloading 10 or 15 free games. The games were not downloaded to the ipad, BUT they are all in the download list in iTunes and start downloading every time I open iTunes. I have deleted the ‘list’ in the iTunes download directory and all the games in that folder, but iTunes automatically re-creates the download list and files.A few days ago, I synced my iPod touch – and then I noticed that all the albums that were not brought from iTunes had no artwork on it. The artwork is still there on my iPod Classic, but I would like to know why it´s suddenly missing on my iPod touch.