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Copyright 2012, All rights reserved – your PC or Mobile device into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of music and movies. On Windows 10, my computer is authorized and my iTunes is synced. Yet, iTunes will not play any of my purchased music from the cloud. I select a song to play and NOTHING happens. Help? I am running Windows 10. I installed the latest iTunes update and the latest iPod Touch update on May 26, 2016. I attempted to sync the Touch and iTunes began creating duplicate playlists, such as Beatles and Beatles 1. Often “Beatles 1” will contain no songs. Some of the contents of some of the playlists in iTunes did sync but only a fraction of them. I reset the iPod to factory settings and tried again. The same thing occurred. I then went back to the previous library backup and installed it. That restored all my old playlists and not the duplicates. I then attempted to sync again after checking and rechecking all the sync boxes for my iPod. I attempted to sync only one playlist. It failed and the message “iTunes is cancelling sync” came on after syncing about 1/2 the songs. The syncs I have tried throughout this endeavor have failed at apparently random points. All show some songs transferred to the ipod and others are “grayed” out. I next attempted to reset the iPod to manually manage songs. This had the same result – it stopped adding after about 50 songs. The iPod has over 100 GB of space available. All of the songs that failed to sync are playable in iTunes and are in the playlists I created. This has never happened to me before the May 26 update. Recently installed Sonos and also uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. I’d much rather use iTunes to construct playlists, Sonos is cludgy.

After restructuring the location of my music files in order to make iTunes happy, Sonos can see all music and it can see new playlists made in iTunes. However, the “imported playlists” list in Sonos contains about ten old iTunes playlists that have been deleted.

I sure would like to know how to remove or hide them so that Sonos doesn’t index them…..I suspect that iTunes uninstalls were not complete, and that there are registry entries gumming up the works, but if I knew that, I wouldn’t be posting, now, would I?

Regards and Happy Trails, Have tried to connect my I pod classic unsuccessfully to recently updated I tunes I have iTunes, I’ve rebooted, I reloaded my USB drivers, I uninstalled and then reinstalled my USB drivers, then updated them. The only thing I have not done was uninstall iTunes and reinstall. Which I would hate to do. It was working fine not long ago, I always have been able to drag and drop files to a thumb drive, now all the sudden i can’t do this. Actually I can’t drag & drop ANY songs Anywhere on the computer. Even different USB ports, different flash drives, or even internal drives or desktop. I highlight the song, drag it then nothing happens. It’s so weird. is there a fix for this? is it common? Is it a feature Apple took away on a recent update? I was having an issue with a song continually asking for authorization to play on my machine.

After trying all the steps on the general support failed, I decided to delete the song and remove the file from my machine thinking I would be able to download it from purchase history on iTunes.

The song is no longer listed on my purchase history, when viewing all song in the purchase section of iTunes.

However when I view the album to purchase on the iTunes store the said song is marked as purchased…. I really have no idea how to get it back…