www.iTunes.com Since iTunes 11 I cannot rename artist name and album information and have it stick.. I sort by last name and always delete the sort information in the sort tab. After restarting my Mac I find the information in sorting has reappeared and the artist name is again sorted by first name in the library. In the info tab, the artist name is still listed last-name-first, and the album info is as I changed it.. How can I hack iTunes 11 to leave the sorting information blank? I have an audiobook that consists of wma files that were ripped to mp3's, not by iTunes. There are named 99-TT-text, where 99 is the CD number and TT is the track number and text varies. They are all in one folder on my HD. When I select 'Add to Library', they get put into albums that are named Folder Name Disc 99. Where Folder Name comes from the folder they were in (or maybe not, see below), 99 is the CD number. The individual files within each album are named Track 1, www.iTunes.com Track 2, etc. The mp3's all came from one folder, why does iTunes decide to put them into separate albums? Is it getting the info from the ID tags, or whatever they're called? Can I get iTunes to ignore the tags, so only one album is created with properly sequenced tracks? If I could get that, I know how to turn the single music album into an audio book for iTunes. I don't want to have multiple books, one for each cd. Thanks for your advice Are you saying I can create a playlist in the Itunes store that could be added to a gift card or tell them to purchase that playlist with a gift card or list out the songs that they should purchase with a gift card? www.iTunes.com The idea was to give these ipods to them in a remote location and have them all be able to listen to the same music. The difficulty with downloading there will likely discourage participation in the shared experience and ultimately make the gift redundant. Could I make an apple account for the event, use it to load the ipods and buy the gift cards, then when the recipients use the ipods with there own account after the event they could use the gift card to restore the event playlist after it was erased by syncing it to there itunes? I have music stored at: username/Music/iTunes/iTunesMedia - this Music folder has a musical note icon on it This iTunes folder is 13.29GB and its contained iTunesMedia folder is 13.22 & it has 2,621 items username/Documents/Music/iTunesMusic - this folder is plain blue without any icon This iTunes folder is 4.95GB and its contained iTunesMusic folder is 4.29 & it has 2,435 items in it The larger iTunesMedia folder of course has lots of stuff in it: www.iTunes.com Books Home Videos iTunesU Mobile Applications Movies Music (4.27GB & 2,233 items) Tones Voice Memos The other iTunesMusic folder only has music folders in it. Do I need that username/Documents/Music folder thats occupying 4.95GB or can I erase it? The music folder inside iTunesMedia has 4.27GB & 2,233 items whereas the Documents/Music/iTunesMusic is 4.29GB and 2,435 items. But the different items are most probably voice memos or newer songs. Itunes 11.3, but this has happened for quite a while, several versions at least. Iphone 5, Ipad 2, this happens with both devices. www.iTunes.com I sync locally to my macbook pro (late 2011 version, running 10.9.4), using a wired connection. I will have the 2 devices hooked up via the factory supplied cords. Doesn't actually matter if it's both or just one device. If I have, for instance, the iphone selected via the sidebar, and am displaying the Summary tab, normally you have a sync button to the lower right. Quite often, this will randomly change to two buttons, - Apply, Don't apply, as if I have made settings changes or something, although I haven't. No changes have been made. If I select a different device in the sidebar of itunes, www.iTunes.com a pop up will open asking me if I want to apply the changes? I say no, all is good. BUT - it's annoying! Is there any way to make this stop? Thank you for the response, Roger! OK, that's how it is then. The iTunes podcasts settings should be reworded in that case because it suggest something different from what it does. And, of course, it would be ideal for Apple to make this more flexible and allow users to set up their podcast downloads in their way and not be so motherly (c'mon, Apple, www.iTunes.com your users are not as dumb as you think, and they have uncapped Internet connections these days anyway)...

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