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www.iTunes.com i use iTunes in a work capacity: interviews, videos, work-related content.
Somehow, the Apple infants designing the iTunes interface think I’m playing with iTunes for my health, or my amusement, or to ‘manage my music’. They think I have the hours to learn to fix what should never have been broken; moreover, to relearn what there is no reason to relearn.
I use Apple apps because they are look better than Google’s and function better, from my POV.
But Apple betrays me with its need to appear trendy.
Imagine spending the last three hours trying to figure out how to make my music library show in list view and I can’t find it. That would have been inconceivable in the Jobs era. www.iTunes.com I want reliability, not useless innovation.
I understand that songs downloaded to a Mac can be played via multiple AirPlay devices at the same time.
However, can iTunes Radio streaming also be played via multiple AirPlay devices at the same time too?
I recently started having problems with iTunes not saving cover art I’d added manually for .AIFF files (24-bit and 16-bit). This wasn’t a problem in the past, so the fact that it stopped working really ****** me off (along with numerous quality control grievances following the ‘upgrade’ from iTunes 10 to 11…). After some unsuccessful searches and trial and error, I seem to have found a solution! I simply opened the file in X Lossless Encoder (XLD), www.iTunes.com which creates, for all practical purposes (I can see), an identical copy. After that I deleted the original file from iTunes, added the new version, re-entered the metadata and added the artwork respectively and it appears to be holding (crosses fingers). I updated my Mac to Yosemite and my iTunes to version 12 and still cannot sync music to my iPhone. Please give me instructions. Thank you. There has got to be a MORE EFFICIENT way to handle the Movement of the Song Contents Between the Local Tablets and Cloud — Now There is just too much of downloading from the Cloud each time — This eats into Our things like Mobile BroadBand Bandwidths each time !! — We Need the option to specify our most often played songs and have them locally Cached, instead of they being downloaded from the Cloud each time played This usually means that one of the feeds has been placed on a server which requires a login – which the producer should not do. I would suggest updating the feeds one at a time and seeing which one produces this dialog – you will not be able to update this feed unless the originator provides the password. www.iTunes.com It’s quite likely he has done this inadvertently.



www.iTunes.com Since iTunes 11 I cannot rename artist name and album information and have it stick.. I sort by last name and always delete the sort information in the sort tab. After restarting my Mac I find the information in sorting has reappeared and the artist name is again sorted by first name in the library. In the info tab, the artist name is still listed last-name-first, and the album info is as I changed it.. How can I hack iTunes 11 to leave the sorting information blank? I have an audiobook that consists of wma files that were ripped to mp3’s, not by iTunes. There are named 99-TT-text, where 99 is the CD number and TT is the track number and text varies. They are all in one folder on my HD.
When I select ‘Add to Library’, they get put into albums that are named Folder Name Disc 99. Where Folder Name comes from the folder they were in (or maybe not, see below), 99 is the CD number.
The individual files within each album are named Track 1, www.iTunes.com Track 2, etc.
The mp3’s all came from one folder, why does iTunes decide to put them into separate albums? Is it getting the info from the ID tags, or whatever they’re called? Can I get iTunes to ignore the tags, so only one album is created with properly sequenced tracks? If I could get that, I know how to turn the single music album into an audio book for iTunes.
I don’t want to have multiple books, one for each cd.
Thanks for your advice Are you saying I can create a playlist in the Itunes store that could be added to a gift card or tell them to purchase that playlist with a gift card or list out the songs that they should purchase with a gift card? www.iTunes.com The idea was to give these ipods to them in a remote location and have them all be able to listen to the same music. The difficulty with downloading there will likely discourage participation in the shared experience and ultimately make the gift redundant. Could I make an apple account for the event, use it to load the ipods and buy the gift cards, then when the recipients use the ipods with there own account after the event they could use the gift card to restore the event playlist after it was erased by syncing it to there itunes? I have music stored at: username/Music/iTunes/iTunesMedia – this Music folder has a musical note icon on it
This iTunes folder is 13.29GB and its contained iTunesMedia folder is 13.22 & it has 2,621 items
username/Documents/Music/iTunesMusic – this folder is plain blue without any icon
This iTunes folder is 4.95GB and its contained iTunesMusic folder is 4.29 & it has 2,435 items in it
The larger iTunesMedia folder of course has lots of stuff in it:
Home Videos
Mobile Applications
Music (4.27GB & 2,233 items)
Voice Memos
The other iTunesMusic folder only has music folders in it.
Do I need that username/Documents/Music folder thats occupying 4.95GB or can I erase it?
The music folder inside iTunesMedia has 4.27GB & 2,233 items whereas the Documents/Music/iTunesMusic is 4.29GB and 2,435 items. But the different items are most probably voice memos or newer songs. Itunes 11.3, but this has happened for quite a while, several versions at least. Iphone 5, Ipad 2, this happens with both devices. www.iTunes.com I sync locally to my macbook pro (late 2011 version, running 10.9.4), using a wired connection.
I will have the 2 devices hooked up via the factory supplied cords. Doesn’t actually matter if it’s both or just one device. If I have, for instance, the iphone selected via the sidebar, and am displaying the Summary tab, normally you have a sync button to the lower right. Quite often, this will randomly change to two buttons, – Apply, Don’t apply, as if I have made settings changes or something, although I haven’t. No changes have been made. If I select a different device in the sidebar of itunes, www.iTunes.com a pop up will open asking me if I want to apply the changes? I say no, all is good. BUT – it’s annoying!
Is there any way to make this stop? Thank you for the response, Roger!
OK, that’s how it is then.
The iTunes podcasts settings should be reworded in that case because it suggest something different from what it does. And, of course, it would be ideal for Apple to make this more flexible and allow users to set up their podcast downloads in their way and not be so motherly (c’mon, Apple, www.iTunes.com your users are not as dumb as you think, and they have uncapped Internet connections these days anyway)…


www.iTunes.com I have a PC running XP that I am replacing

www.iTunes.com I have a PC running XP that I am replacing. I attempted to move my iTunes files from the old machine to the new one using Home Sharing. Old machine has iTunes 11.3, new machine has iTunes 11.3 64-bit. I can see all the music files on my old machine on the new machines screen. When I select all and press import 74 out of 300 songs do not transfer. I get an error message saying “The song (song name) could not be copied because this computer is not authorized.” Also 4 apps out of 83 give me the same message.
What the songs not transferred have in common is that I purchased them pre-2006. I seem to recall I might have had a different user name (not an email address?) at that time. www.iTunes.com I seem to remember for a while when I updated apps some required my current password, older apps required a previous one.
Because of this problem in addition to the 74 songs not importing; ratings and play counts don’t import either although they do show when I see them on the old machine in home sharing. Is there anything I can do to move the remaining information? Hi again. Well I did as you suggested, but what I now have on my external hard drive, are separate folders of Drive\iTunes\iTunes Music\Movies, the same\Music, the same\Podcasts and the same\Unknown Artist, containing a complete mixture of stuff I already have under the music. What is missing is my playlists etc. So, I don’t seem to have a complete Library that I can move. www.iTunes.com I’m hoping that what I have can be transferred in some way onto the new computer, once it’s up and running? I’m reluctant to try and move it all back to a new ITunes library (you’re right, I now have an empty ITunes Library), so can I leave it as it is now on my external hard drive and then try to install it on a new library on the new computer? Sorry to be dumb. But I did warn you that I’m a complete technophobe!
Thanks Find out where all files of the form *.itl are located. The largest of these is going to be the most recent version of your library available to you unless you’ve put one in the recycle bin. Often when iTunes is updated the active version of the library is copied into the Previous iTunes Libraries folder, appended with the date of the upgrade, www.iTunes.com and then used to reconstruct the library to work with the new build of iTunes. Hopefully you can track down a recent version, get it stored in the correct place, then connect to it. You can connect to a different .itl file by holding down shift as you start iTunes. If you are really lucky the one that you want is already sitting at \iTunes\iTunes Library.itl which is exactly where you want it to be, so sorry I haven’t got back to you. Had A hospital visit that was longer then anticipated Anyway I have tried everything to try and find any .itl folder or fie and nothing exists. all I have is a very garbled .xml file in my C drive. My external hard drive has all the music and movies in individual folders but no library at all. All previous libraries have only a few cd,s in them. Am utterly stuck and don’t know what to do next. Any help appreciated. HI, I have my IPod, but it doesn’t contain my whole library as I have quite a few music DVDs converted and held in my library that I add to my IPod when I want to. Also my IPod only contains around 80% of my music library. I have double clicked on all the shown previous libraries and they only contain about half a dozen CDs. Some only a few songs. I’m terrified to plug in my IPod in case it syncs and I lose everything on that as well!!! www.iTunes.com Can you tell I don’t understand any of this?!! Hi, iTunes has been working fine on Windows 7. However I wanted to burn a CD and found my Laptop DVD writer does not work . I added an external DVD writer and created the CD just using whatever was already installed in Windows, I did not add any other software to my knowledge. Now I get this message when I start iTunes: The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes, So I followed the Apple support instructions for removing iTunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Support, Bonjour & Apple Application Support as per (Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, www.iTunes.com or Windows 8) I then reinstalled But I still get the same message on startup. iTunes then works OK but this message is annoying. Any ideas anybody ?
Pete. The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it, which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. (Similar to the link provided above.) Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down page in case one of them applies.
Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.